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WCO has released its framework of standards on cross-border E-Commerce. Standard 6 “Expanding the Concept of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) to Cross-Border E-Commerce” evidences the relevance of AEO programs in contemporary challenges in international trade. WCO encourages Customs administrations to engage with all relevant stakeholders with a view to collectively defining the appropriate approach to adopt, both from a trade facilitation and enforcement perspective.

The rapid growth in cross-border E-Commerce volumes, short time frames for intervention and lack of timely and accurate data transmission in some business models called for specific work on standards on cross-border E-Commerce. This work aims for more effective and efficient guidelines in responding to industry and consumers’ expectations in terms of the safe, secure and fast movement and delivery of E-Commerce shipments across borders.

“Standard 6: Expanding the Concept of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) to Cross-Border E-Commerce Customs administrations should explore the possibilities of applying AEO Programmes and Mutual Recognition Arrangements/Agreements in the context of cross-border E-Commerce, including leveraging the role of intermediaries, to enable Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and individuals to fully benefit from the opportunities of cross-border E-Commerce.”

Read more about WCO framework of standards on cross-border E-Commerce here>>

WCO published on 26th July the 2018 edition of the SAFE Framework of Standards, following its adoption by the Council – the Organization’s highest decision-making body – at the end of June 2018.  The Framework provides baseline international standards to secure and facilitate global trade.  It is updated every three years to ensure that it remains relevant and reflects new opportunities, challenges and associated solutions.

The revised version augments the objectives of the SAFE Framework with respect to strengthening cooperation between and among Customs administrations, for example through the exchange of information, mutual recognition of controls, mutual recognition of Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs), and mutual administrative assistance.  In addition, it calls for enhanced Customs cooperation with government agencies entrusted with regulatory authority over certain goods (e.g., weapons, hazardous materials) and passengers, as well as with entities responsible for postal issues.  The Framework now also includes a comprehensive list of AEO benefits with certain minimum assured benefits.

The updated SAFE Framework offers new opportunities for Customs, relevant government agencies and economic operators to work towards a common goal of enhancing supply chain security and efficiency, based on mutual trust and transparency.


Access the document here

Upcoming event


The PROCOMEX Alliance Institute for the modernization of Brazilian foreign trade organises the INTERNACIONAL SEMINAR “AEO PROGRAMS IN THE AMERICAS”, to take place on November 27th in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

The event, which will bring together Customs authorities and the private sector, will debate on the current situation and state of the art practices in relation to AEO – ARM programs in the Americas.

For further information you may contact:

Access the program here


Enrique Canón, Chairman of the WCO Council and General Director of Uruguay Customs, shares his views on the AEO.

7 June, 2018



La Asociacion Internacional de Operadores Económicos Autorizados Aduaneros y Logísticos anuncia que la asociación europea de cargadores la Europea Shipper’s Council se ha incorporado como miembro de pleno derecho a nuestra asociación . Bienvenidos .

El II Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Operadores Económicos Autorizados Aduaneros y Logísticos se realizará en el marco del Salón Internacional de la Logística que se celebrará del 26 al 28 de junio 2019 en Barcelona. Reservar estas fechas en vuestras agendas.

Felicidades de la Dirección de la Asociación Internacional del OEA a Antonio Llobet, por su nombramiento hoy como Vicepresidente de ASAPRA para el área de Europa. Desde la Asamblea de ASAPRA que se celebra en este momento en Barcelona, enhorabuena Antonio y enhorabuena ASAPRA.

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