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Customs and Logistics

We integrate the recognized private and official bodies of the
customs and logistics sectors of the different constituent countries.
We represent more than 30,000 companies and professionals in customs and logistics management.

Policy Reports

UNCTAD publishes “50 years of Review of Maritime Transport, 1968–2018″

The special publication “50 years of Review of Maritime Transport, 1968–2018” commemorates 5 decades of UNCTAD work on shipping.

The past and future of maritime transport and its part in trade and development are examined through reflections by seven eminent guest essayists, chosen for their expertise and roles in the maritime transport industry:

Shamika N. Sirimanne, director of UNCTAD’s division on trade and technology, said: “To understand the success of the Review of Maritime Transport is also to understand its role in helping better understand the maritime transport sector and support informed national policies and legislation, as well as international deliberations,”

Core issues covered by the Review of Maritime Transport since 1968 include: demand and supply, ports and freight markets, and legal and regulatory developments affecting transport and trade. This especial report also considers several emerging themes: consolidation in liner shipping, alliance formation, maritime transport costs, connectivity, green shipping, ports and environmental sustainability, digital innovations, climate change mitigation and resilience.

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Upcoming events


29 April – 3 May 2019, Asunción, Paraguay

The Center of Customs Brokers of Paraguay -CDAP-  organses the Private Sector-Customs meeting as part of the COMALEP agenda.

Access the agenda of activities organised by the Paraguay Customs for this event HERE

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26-28 June 2019, Barcelona

The International Association AEO, Customs and Logistics will celebrate its III International Congress and 2019 Assembly next 26-28 June in Barcelona’s SIL Logistics Trade Congress.

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Lars Karlsson, Managing Director of KGH Border Services, presents the new AEO paradigm that will transform the global supply chain for the better.

21 March, 2019

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La Asociación Internacional de Operadores Económicos Autorizados Aduaneros y Logísticos os anuncia la celebración de su IV Congreso.En breve se abrirá las inscripciones

Este agosto 2019 he hecho un año del cierre unilateral por parte de Marruecos de la única aduana terrestre entre España y Marruecos. Esta situación insostenible lleva a la ruina al sector aduanero de la plaza. Reclamamos a la administración una solución a este grave problema

Hoy hemos conocido la lista de los aptos para ejercer de Representantes Aduaneros. Muchas felicidades a todos. Bienvenidos al selecto grupo de profesionales de la representación aduanera

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