Mission Vision Values Goals History


To promote, by all means possible, the highest relational, technical and ethical level of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)


Global recognition of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by the customs authorities, with an optimal operational framework for the facilitation and security of international trade


We hold the best private-sector values:
Accountability, transparency and honesty demonstrated through continuous audit and certification
Investment and action in innovation and development of the institutional, technical and technological capacities required by international trade
Constructive leadership in inter-institutional dialogue for the defense of the legitimate interests of the AEO


• To promote the exchange of information between partners and interest groups, in particular formal dialogue with customs authorities, for the effective development of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) at the national, regional and global levels.


• To make visible and recognize the companies and professionals who have assumed the role of the AEO as key players in improving performance in customs management, through the development of a partnership network that extends the scope and impact of the AEO.


• To provide legal guidance on the AEO, by advising partners in their relations with the various administrations, as well as issuing opinions and reports, with due attention to professional consultations that are requested by the authorities, judges, courts or any public or private entity.

• To strengthen the technical capacities of the AEO through the organization of training activities.


• To nurture the knowledge agenda of its associates and entities interested in the AEO, through research, analysis and dissemination of the normative developments and practical experiences that constitute the operational framework of the AEO.




The International Association of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) Customs and Logistics was created on June 8, 2016 during  the International Logistics Exhibition of Barcelona, where the Constitution Act was signed.


From Barcelona to Latin America and the USA


The idea of establishing an International Association of AEOs was born in the year 2014, promoted by the Official College of Customs Agents and Customs Representatives of Barcelona.


The Official College of Customs Agents and Customs Representatives of Barcelona, since the implementation of the Spanish legislation of the Authorized Economic Operator, had already in 2008 opted for this new actor. From the outset it was understood that the increasingly globalized and competitive international trade sector needed reliable people involved with the different customs administrations to ensure that the logistics chain responded to the changing needs. To this end, it created its own AEO department to advise its members and associates, as well as the logistics sector interested in this area. This initiative from Barcelona was immediately assumed by the General Council of Customs Agents of Spain, supporting the idea from the outset and encouraging the whole membership to become certified.

Other companies, associations, organizations and institutions have also opted in Spain for the Authorized Economic Operator in recent years, and we must say that, with their participation, involvement and advice, the AEO has been integrated by practically the entire Spanish logistics sector.


That is why at the end of 2014, at an international meeting held in Mexico between the General Council of Customs Agents of Spain and their Mexican and Colombian counterparts, the creation of this International Association was proposed.


Since that date, multiple meetings have been held explaining the project and its goals, with the result of the signing of the Constitution Act in June of 2016.


The founding members of this Association are all the countries belonging to ALACAT, representing the Cargo Agents of Latin America and the Caribbean, and most of the countries that form part of ASAPRA, representing the Customs Agents of Latin America, United States, Spain and Portugal.


Global scope


We continue to hold conversations with related institutions across the world, making them aware of the project so that they can become involved.

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