AEO in the supply chain at Port Manzanillo and Mexico


Mtra. Erika María Reynoso Figueroa
Director General of Association of Customs Agents at Port Manzanillo-Colima (AAAPUMAC)

In Mexico currently around 120 thousand actors conduct foreign trade activities. In 2018, imports worth $ 428,583.6 million and exports worth $ 413,042.9 million dollars were handled. (Secretaría de Economía, 2018)[1]

The Port of Manzanillo Colima is the most important port in the Mexican economy. It is considered the 4th most important port in Latin America and the 2nd most important in the Pacific Ocean. In 2018, Port of Manzanillo handled a total of 3 million 078,513 TEU’S (API Manzanillo, 2018)[2]. In addition to the port and foreign trade activity, which involves more than 120 actors in the logistics chain, it is worth highlighting the figure of the Customs Agent which plays a key role in the customs clearance of goods.

In Mexico, having a Customs Agent AEO-certified strengthens the supply chain at customs clearance. According to the lists issued by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), currently there are 132 Customs Agents, 114 Terrestrial Carriers, 3,658 Importers and Exporters, 3 Controlled Enclosures and 1 Courier and Parcel Company certified as AEO (SAT, 2018)[3]

In the Port of Manzanillo we also have Fiscalized Enclosures, External Patios, Importers and Exporters, and Transporters who are Certified AEO, making the dispatch of goods in the supply chain through this Port a reliable and efficient process. This is growing day by day due to the great demand for reliability by importers and exporters.

The Customs of Manzanillo carry out 3,302 thousand import and export operations annually (SAT, 2019)[4]. These are channelled through 8 lanes of import, 2 of them being lanes destined for the dispatch of AEO operations. This arrangement is aimed at facilitating and expediting the dispatch and exit of merchandise through this Port.

35% of Foreign Trade operations in the Port of Manzanillo correspond to AEO operations.

The largest AEO operations relate to importations of the automotive sector, electronic products and household appliances, which are destinated to the center of the country, thanks to the privileged geographical position of the Port of Manzanillo and its high connectivity.

Building on the above and the importance of the AEO program in Mexico and in the Port of Manzanillo in particular, the Association of Customs Agents of the Port of Manzanillo Colima AC (AAAPUMAC) has organized an International Symposium on the theme: “New Information and Communication Technologies (NICTs) in the Future of International Trade “. This event will take place on March 29 and 30, 2019 in Manzanillo. The Symposium will address the challenges posed by cybersecurity and technology in the new era of foreign trade. AEO face challenges and opportunities in this technological environment in continuous development. At AAAPUMAC we hope that the Symposium will provide the opportunity for the logistics operators of the Port of Manzanillo to connect AEO to these emerging agendas, helping to continue strengthening the security of the entire supply chain in order to improve the competitiveness of the Port of Manzanillo.


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